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Monitored: 19 days
2% on Business daily and 1% on Weekends for 30 Days (Deposit can be withdrawn after 24 hours with 10% commission)
Min/Max: 0.005 BTC / UNLIMITED
Referral: 5%-10%
Withdrawal: Instant
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Added: Oct 6th, 2020
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WELCOME TO THE FUTURE OF INVESTING. ACCESS BITERO DAILY EVERY WORKDAYDAILY EVERY WEEKEND 30 DAY Cycle THE BITERO OFFER Register and invest in the 30 day Bitero investment package that combines revenue streams from four different investment markets. We guarantee our customers a daily profit of 2.0% on workdays and 1.0% on weekends. This daily percentage of profit will be available to our users for instant withdrawal, 24/7. Investors can reclaim their deposit at any time. start investing 01 02 03 the solution HOW IT WORKS The development and management of a large scale investment portfolio is an incredibly complicated endeavour. Notwithstanding, the system that we have developed consists of three simple steps, if we look at the process from your - our customers’ - perspective. Pooling POOLING OF FUNDS The money gathered from our customers is used to form a large scale portfolio for investing. In order to more effectively take actions across markets not only using using fiat but crypto as well, we use bitcoin as payment processor. Pooling INVESTMENT ACTIVITIES The investment portfolio is put to use within different financial fields. This is done to decrease the volatility of the investment plan as a whole, as well as to utilize the high returns of more dynamic markets. Pooling DAILY RETURNS A part of the profits made by the investment activities is redistributed to shareholders as daily accruals. The remaining sum is reinvested and used to build a reserve fund to insure our customers against profit decreases.

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