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Mar-26-2019 10:47:52 PM

During February, the partners worked productively and significantly expanded the geography of our community. A wave of leadership marathons was held in South Korea, Vietnam, India, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines. During the events, the partners received a huge positive feedback, interest in the system, growth of leadership structures and an increase in the total investment capital of the system.

Weenzee sets the trend and continues to unify and improve the internal interconnections of trading, investment and social platforms. An international event will be held in the spring: a large-scale WEENZEE conference. All major investors and top leaders are invited.

The schedule of the event contains: summing up the intermediate results of work, awarding the best leaders, discussion of prospects and development plans. Entrance to the conference is strictly by invitation. Therefore, participants must submit an application to their coordinator before March 25, 2019.

All guests of the event will be able to take part in the development of a strategy for further development, the exchange of tremendous experience in the promotion of investment projects. At the end of the main part of the event, the leaders who showed the best results will be awarded. Pleasant bonuses are awaiting the most active and promising; a large-scale prize draw will be held among all conference participants.

Representatives of the media and press of the blockchain industry have been invited to cover the conference. The exact time and place will be known later.

The following conditions must be met before March 25th, 2019 to receive invitations to the event:
the total number of people in your team should be more than 1000 people;
turnover should be more than $ 100,000.

Special promotion! If the turnover of your team is more than $ 350,000, the volume of your personal portfolio is more than $ 25,000, if in your first line there are more than 20 active participants with a total volume of personal portfolios more than $ 10,000 then WEENZEE pays full travel and accommodation to the conference to the leader and 2 other team members.

In one of the following news it will be indicated the exact time and place of the event. Follow our information channels!

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February 26, 2019

Mar-1-2019 03:08:29 PM

After 1 day plan has been launched today,
Dear All
we are happy to announce the long awaited After 1 day plan has been launched today,
******** After 1 Day 101.5% , Direct Referral 1% *********
Jan-16-2019 08:12:42 PM
Christmas Special Plan
11% Daily for 10 days ,Principal included in profit, open till 2nd jan 2019, Total profit 110% ,if you receive RCB from monitors it can go to 118% 👍
Dec-21-2018 09:18:38 AM
Dear all, there will be new weekend special plan
Dear all, there will be new weekend special plan , in order to fullfill the demand for short term plans , we have created a room for weekend special plan which will be updated every Friday , plan will be available for investment for short period of time , have fun happy earning with
Dec-20-2018 12:33:20 PM **BIG NEWS**
Dear All,
Here is a Good news, Now 3.5% for 50 days plan is available with minimum investment of $30 , Please note this is principle no refundable plan ,
As on request From many of our investors we are forced to introduce this plan , well thanks to all our clients who have shown us great support and Trust ,
We are inviting everyone to participate in our discussions at Telegram . Be it payments,questions or anything that interests our investors. We are always active inTelegram so we can assist you and support you . Post your payment proofs in the group as well ,Referral links of yours Coincapitaltrade allowed .
Have a great weekend. May we request everyone who got paid and will get paid to go to the monitors page and please vote for this mean a lot for us , new Updates coming soon stay Tuned,

Telegram Chat :,
24/7 live support :,
Nov-11-2018 08:28:10 AM
Join our Telegram support
we are happy to announce our official telegram Group , feel free to. join and post your referral link with payment Proof, and also get support from our support staff or other members ,here is the link to join
Nov-5-2018 01:23:45 PM
Banners updated
Dear Members , we have update banner ,please have a look on banner section
Nov-4-2018 01:20:38 PM

Welcome To Coin Capital Trade Limited
We are finally online to serve you, thanks for all the support from our partners and promoters, we are here committed to give you the best service and support, feel free to contact us on our 24/7. live support

Feb-8-2019 11:12:49 PM

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