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Added: Aug 19th, 2020
allhyipmonitors  allmonitors Detailed analysis and reviews HYIP project 58HYIP Eth.Limited Review, Technical Analysis, RCBs and more at Advanced HYIP Statistics CHS
Introduction ETH.LimiteD is an ECO business model that has been converted into a selfproliferation form by connecting digital and reality ecosystems. Blockchain technology: Blockchain technology to form a structural model through the consensus mechanism structure of cryptocurrency and block chain confirmation algorithm. What is Crypto? Features ELD is an encryption currency and smart contract that will be created with full compatibility with the ERC20 standard. This complete ETH.LimiteD is implemented as a dAPP, a smart contract within the Ethereum network. problems-graphic DAPP chain, decentralized APPlication side chain The decentralized Application side chain (dAPP chain) is a development tool that will be applied for the implementation of planting applications that run in parallel with the Ethereum network. problems-graphic Acquisition with mobile application POC An Ethereum network-based blockchain layer using the proof of authentication redirection (POC) protocol, while simultaneously providing an integrated mobile solution for ETH.LimiteD network participants and IoT devices that will be connected to DB solution S/W.. problems-graphic DAPP, decentralized APPlication This is possible because ETH.LimiteD is implemented as a decentralized application (DAPP) compliant with the ERC20 standard on an ethereum network basis. problems-graphic KYC (Know your Customer) ETH.LimiteD must be acquired to participate in mobile services using the Proof Of Certified emigration protocol (POC) protocol, which can be obtained through sale. Having an ETH.LimiteD means being a Proof Of Certified (POC) protocol participant. problems-graphic Eco-business for reducing carbon emissions ETH.LimiteD is planning to expand the scope of ETH.LimiteD to IoT devices by simply using DB solution products such as Meter Data Management (MDM) and Smart Grid Gateway (SGG) in DB solution utilities as well as reducing carbon emission rights in daily life. problems-graphic A sidechain connected to the main chain of the ethereum network. The cryptocurrency implemented by RCS is a technology that integrates offline energy business and eco-business with both mobile devices or IoT devices and blockchain technology called Ethereum Network.
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