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Wealth Creation Club Ever since humans invented money as a means to exchange value they also sought ways to invest and grow their wealth. Going through a lot of trial and error – as economy has evolved and changed throughout history – the wealth elite was able to develop an investment model that has proven itself over and over again, standing the test of time. Yet this model has fallen into oblivion due to modern economy and the way our financial markets work today. Today, banks as well as insurance companies have made us believe that entrusting our money to them seems the only way for the average person to invest their hard earned money. A rather small minority has understood that real estate even today is still one of the best ways to maintain and grow our wealth. What they don’t tell you though is what form of real estate pays the best interest, therefore leaving many investors to losses of their investments. The last financial crisis has shown that trusting the major banks and general investment firms will not help you to reach your goals but put you at great financial risk instead. We at Wealth Creation Club have rediscovered the investment model that has been a well kept secret by the wealth elite for centuries and made it available to you, the average investor, so that you may participate and profit from the exact same investment strategies. We Help You Build a Sustainable future! Five Pillars Investment Model And Major Advantages Best mix of flexibility We achieve this goal Protection Cash flow assets Proven model Independent Minimal risk High returns We Deliver Custom Investing Strategies! Apple Inc. 317,94 -0,31 -0,10% Microsoft Corporation 183,25 +1,85 +1,02% Intel Corporation 62,93 +1,23 +1,99% Facebook, Inc. 225,09 -0,37 -0,16% Google Inc. 1.428,92 +12,19 +0,86% LinkedIn Corporation 195,96 0,00 0,00% Twitter, Inc. 30,97 -0,63 -1,99% DJI 23.155,85 -494,59 -2,09% Strategies #1 Pillar | Infrastructure #1 Pillar | Infrastructure Five Pillar Investment Model Infrastructure is the backbone of any society as well as the global economy. The participation in infrastructure projects has long been reserved for institutional investors. Meanwhile there are certain ways for private investors to... read more #4 Pillar | Classic Stocks, Bonds, Commodities #4 Pillar | Classic Stocks, Bonds, Commodities Five Pillar Investment Model In this pillar our experts invest in classic markets through regular exchanges. Although they may sometimes go for shorter trades, the focus lies on value investment strategies. We are constantly examining the markets for... read more #2 Pillar | Development Properties #2 Pillar | Development Properties Five Pillar Investment Model Real estate is often said to be the most secure investment asset. Even though that’s basically true, private investors lose many profits or even go bankrupt because they don’t know that the potential risk is relatively high compared... read more #5 Pillar | Alternative High Return Investments #5 Pillar | Alternative High Return Investments Five Pillar Investment Model The last pillar of our five pillars investment model covers some more speculative investment opportunities with potential super high returns but also increased risk. This should never be the only field of any mature investment... read more #3 Pillar | Agriculture #3 Pillar | Agriculture Five Pillar Investment Model This form of investment is almost completely unknown to the average private investor: the combination of landed property and its cultivation. Banks, insurance companies, and corporations know it very well and enjoy its lucrative... read more Investment Plans You can choose from a variety of investment plans for each category of our Five Pillar Model. Each plan has been developed by our experts based on their experience in the respective market. Please read through our explanation of the terms to help you make a well-considered decision: N Working Days: The duration of the investment until you receive your deposit back. N Daily Profit Payout: The daily return amount that you receive on your deposit. N Minimum Invest: The minimum deposit amount that is required in order to participate in this plan. N Return of Invest: When you will receive your entire deposit back. N Total Profit: The total profit you make after the plan has finished. All plans are structured in such a way that the deposit will be paid back at the end while you will receive your daily interest. This is necessary because the invested funds are allocated for projects and therefore have to be locked for the duration of the Working Days of each plan. Pillar #1 Infrastructure $25 Working Days: 120 Day Daily Profit Payout: 0,83% Minimum invest: 25$ Return of Invest: end of term Total Profit: 100% MORE INFO Pillar #2 Development Properties $50 Working Days: 90 Day Daily Profit Payout: 0,33% Minimum invest: 50$ Return of Invest: end of term Total Profit: 30% MORE INFO Pillar #3 Agriculture $100 Working Days: 45 Day Daily Profit Payout: 0,62% Minimum invest: 100$ Return of Invest: end of term Total Profit: 28% MORE INFO Pillar #4 Stocks,Bonds,Commodities $250 Working Days: 30 Day Daily Profit Payout: 0,66% Minimum invest: 250$ Return of Invest: end of term Total Profit: 20% MORE INFO Pillar #5 High Return Investments $500 Working Days: 20 Day Daily Profit Payout: 0,9% Minimum invest: 500$ Return of Invest: end of term Total Profit: 18% MORE INFO 95 Projects 1800 Participants Referral System To ensure a stable growth for our company we offer a special referral bonus for those who acquire new investment capital that can then be used to enter more projects and increase our overall wealth. We have a unique bonus system that allows you to earn referral commission on a three level structure: For every person that signs up directly under your link we compensate you with a 7% bonus payment on their investment. If that person then refers another person you receive an additional 3% for level two and 1% again on level three. We strongly recommend that you do not miss this unique opportunity to build a true passive income stream! About Us Wealth Creation Club was first formed as a private organization for a select group of people to apply the Five Pillars Investment Model of the wealth elite within their own ranks. After many years of successfully generating profits the founding members decided to make their knowledge available to the public. Wealth Creation Club LTD was founded at the UK Companies House and incorporated on 5 November 2019 under company number 12299044. We are proud to share all of our expertise with you to let you benefit from our profit making strategies as well. Our goal is to grow our investor’s capital, so that you can live the life of the wealth elite yourself and never have to worry about your finances again. Wealth Creation Club isn’t just another investment firm. It’s a way of living and investing for maximum profits. We ensure absolute safety and take your finances to the next level. FAQ What is Wealth Creation Club? Where is the company registered? Who can become a client of Wealth Creation Club? How do I register? What is the maximum investment? How long is the investment duration? What are the working days of each plan? Can I compound my earnings? Can I cancel my deposit? How often can I request a withdrawal? Do you charge a withdrawal fee? Can I have multiple accounts? How do I invest? Which payment processor can I use? What is the minimum investment? Can I have multiple deposits? When will I receive my return on investment? When will I get back my deposit? How can I withdraw my earnings? Is there a minimum withdrawal amount? Can I refer friends? How can I contact support? Accepted Payment You can invest in Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin. The Blockchain helps to shorten any kinds of distances which makes it more transparent and accessible for worldwide investors at the same time. COMPANY ADRESS: 71 Shelton Street, London, United Kingdom, WC2H 9JQ RULES AND AGREEMENTS REGISTER COMPANY: 12299044 View Documents OUR CONTACT: info@wealth-elite.com
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